Canary Islands Holiday Rentals

Canary Islands Holiday Rentals

Self catering holiday rental villas, apartments and accommodation across the Canary Islands.
Canary Islands Property Owners
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Limitations to copying property to our websites.

Private Renters
We will assign a member of our team, free of charge, to copy property from your existing website or advertiser - up to a maximum number of 2 properties, which should cover most private renters.
If you are a private renter with more than 2 properties to let out, a fee of £12 per additional property will be required, alternatively you may add additional properties yourself up to a maximum of 9 properties in total.

Agents & Businesses
10 properties or more will require an Agent or Business Account.
Agents or Business Accounts requesting properties to be copied over from their website or current advertiser will first need to pay the following fees due to the amount of work involved:

1 to 10 properties = £10 per property/listing
11 to 20 properties = £8 per property/listing
21 to 30 properties = £7 per property/listing
31 to 40 properties = £6 per property/listing
41 to 50 properties = £5 per property/listing

To give some examples of this - an Agent or Business wanting the following amount of properties to be copied from their site or current advertiser to ours would be:
7 properties = £70 (7 x £10)
12 properties = £116 (10 x £10 + 2 x £8)
24 properties = £208 (10 x £10 + 10 x £8 + 4 x £7)
37 properties = £292 (10 x £10 + 10 x £8 + 10 x £7 + 7 x £6)

Alternatively all Agents and Business accounts may enter their own properties without incurring any of the above fees.

Most Agent and Business accounts will still be liable to pay a predetermined commission fee as outlined in our Terms under the heading Free advertising period.

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